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Mari Molina

Founder, Executive Director, President of Board of Directors

Mari Molina is the founder and President of Flagler Cats, a non-profit organization dedicated to enacting ethical, non-lethal and effective polices to reduce feline populations, with the ultimate mission of finding every county cat a loving home. The organization was founded in 2003 and over that span has moved from meeting in the Walmart parking lot to boasting a 1,200-square-foot office in Bunnell.


Some would view the founding of a safe haven for our county’s most vulnerable felines an unlikely designation for a former executive chef at the New York Marriot. But Mari, who retired to Palm Coast in the early 2000s’, looks at it like this: “An animal lover is an animal lover.”Mari also handles the red carpet dog show at the county’s annual Bunnell Festival, which was formerly the county Potato Festival, where she also ran the show. Actually, as of 2015, she took over the Bunnel Festival in its entirety. She wanted to give back to a city that helps her cats find homes.

The event brought out many of the county’s local small businesses and other non-profits for greater visibility and also contributed toys to low-income families. So in addition to being extremely contentious, Mari, above all, has shown what a big heart she has for the county as a whole.



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